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100% Turkish Cotton

Cotton is the most widely produced natural fiber on the planet. It has been a part of our daily lives from the time we dry our faces on a soft cotton towel in the morning till at night. We proud to use 100% Turkish Cotton for manufacturing soft, luxurious and absorbent towels. 100% Turkish Cotton is tightly zero twisted the long and short threads together that makes our towels stronger, softer and more absorbent.


The number of loops, the length of the loops, the thickness of threads, type of the cotton, and how strongly the fibers are packed together all affect the absorbency in a towel. The length of the individual loops increases the surface area of the towel, more surface area equals to more absorbency. Greater GSM and heavyweight towels are more absorbent than lightweight towels. Typically, a GSM over 450 is a good indication of a quality and absorbent towel, but of course they need longer to dry.


Softness is one of the requirements or necessities everyone is looking in Towels after stepping out of a bath, therefore we have used 600 GSM Vat dyed fabric in our towels, which means the dye is infused into the yarns under high pressure and high temperature for 6-12 hours depending upon the color that results to a soft, plush, lavish, sophisticated and luxurious look product. Feel the softness of our luxury towels while drying off your hands, face and body.


Our Turkish Towels are all Vat Dyed, which is quite popular in the market due to the great quality, usefulness, and range of colors. The Vat Dyed technique produces more durable and sturdy towels that will last for many years. The stitching and finishing of high-quality towels is given special attention. So, when deciding which product to purchase, consider the layers and stitches. We assuarance that all of our Turkish towels are double-stitched along the lengths and layers to withstand several washes while adhering to the care instructions.