How can I get my hardened towels soft again?

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Actually it is the most well-known problem with the towels for people. Their products lose their soft tissue in a very short term. It can be inferred that the more soft it is, the better its quality is. If your towel gets harder after 3 or more use, then we can say that you have a low-quality product. But this is not the issue. We will find an answer for the question “How can I get my hardened towels soft?”. By the help of the four clues below, your towel will turn back to the former soft tissue. But these clues will not work with the towels hard since the beginning. Let’s specify the methods.

  • Decrease the amount of laundry softener you use. If you use laundry softener more than enough, it will wear off more and more. After some time, the softener will not have any effect on the product.
  • If its smell does not disturb you, we recommend you use white vinegar instead of softener. White vinegar does not only soften the towel, but it sustains the soft tissue for long time by balancing the PH value of water as well. Furthermore, this vinegar which you can use on your machine’s softener part will be a better choice.
  • Don’t wash your clothes and towels together. Washing them seperately will delay its aging relatively. Additionally, folding properly while placing them in the drying machine is another factor to postpone its wearing down.
  • While ironing and brushing is exhausting sometimes, it is the best way among others. We recommend it as a last resort. If you still don’t get the soft tissue you want despite this effort, you can try to iron and brush reversely.

Using these methods it is possible that you will get fresh towels. But for those who don’t have any time for these, we have a suggestion. Just get one of hotel quality towel!

How can I get my hardened towels soft again?

Are Turkish towels soft?

Turkish towels are known for their softness and thickness. But this does not only depend on their manufacture. In fact, it depends on the materials used on its production. Only cotton is used on American Soft Linen towels for maximum softness. The products produced with %100 cotton, of course if used high-quality cotton, will be the softest products you can get. Of course the kind of paint used, is something to give importance to produce soft towels. No matter how high quality the cotton is, if you use a low-quality paint, the product will wear off in less than no time.


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