Luxury Bath Sheets Jumbo

American Soft Linen

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For our luxury Bath Sheet, which we define as Jumbo or extremely large towels have 12 different color options. These color are as Rockridge Grey, Turquoise Blue, Chocolate Brown, White, Bordeaux Red, Pistachio Green, Grey, Sand Taupe, Navy Blue, Black, Colonial Blue and Malibu Peach.
The dimensions of the Jumbo Bath Sheets are 35x70 inches and they are 650 GSM. Genuine Ringspun Cotton used in this towels make them more absorent and soft. It's production focuses on 4 different criteria.
  • Maximum Softness
  • Long Term Durability
  • Maximum Absorption
  • Healthy materials
The Jumbo Bath sheets maintain their softness even after long-term use. Since it is produced with completely natural substances, it has no harm to you and your family's health.