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5 Tips to Choose the Best Color for Your Hotel Towels

Choosing the best color for your hotel towels is an important decision that can impact guest satisfaction, maintenance costs, and overall aesthetics. Here are five tips to help you make the best choice for your hotel:


What is the Best Color for Bath Towels

1. Prioritize Cleanliness Perception

White towels are a classic choice for hotels because they visibly demonstrate cleanliness. Any stains or dirt are easily noticeable, ensuring that the towels are spotless before guests use them. White towels also signal a commitment to hygiene, which is especially important in the hospitality industry.

2. Consider Laundry and Maintenance

White towels can withstand harsher laundering processes, including the use of bleach, which helps maintain their cleanliness and longevity. If you opt for colored towels, be aware that they might require gentler washing methods to preserve their color, potentially increasing maintenance efforts and costs.

3. Reflect Your Brand and Design

Colored towels can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your hotel and reflect your brand's personality. For instance, a beach resort might use aqua or sand-colored towels, while a luxury urban hotel might choose sophisticated black or grey towels. Select colors that complement your hotel's overall design and theme.

4. Balance Durability and Appearance

While white towels might show wear and tear more quickly, they can be easily bleached to maintain a fresh appearance. On the other hand, colored towels might hide minor stains better but can fade over time. Consider the balance between durability and appearance when selecting towel colors.

5. Keep Guest Preferences in Mind

Understand your guests' expectations and preferences. Many guests associate white towels with luxury and cleanliness, while others might appreciate the unique touch of colored towels that match the hotel's decor. Guest satisfaction should always be a priority when making your decision.


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Choosing the right color for your hotel towels involves considering factors like cleanliness, maintenance, brand identity, durability, and guest preferences. By taking these elements into account, you can select towels that enhance your hotel's appeal and provide a comfortable experience for your guests.


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Written by American Soft Linen - Jul 11, 2024