4 Ways You Can Reuse Your Old Towels

It’s always sad to see that an item you have been using for a long while has gotten too old. Although they aren’t living beings, we can get attached to objects. Especially if they were gifted to us by someone special. Old Towels are no exception to this.

4 Ways You Can Reuse Your Old Towels

Mending an old towel can only get you so far. There are various reasons why you might want to retire an old towel. After some time, your towel might get too many rips and tears. The texture can become too harsh because of buildup in the fabric.

After realizing the item is too far gone, you can still use it for other purposes. Although your towel might be past its golden days as a bath robe, it can still be made use of for many purposes. Here are some ways we thought were practical and efficient.

Before everything else, you need to consider learning how to sew. If you learn how to sew simple things, you might find that you enjoy sewing as a hobby as well. For practical reasons, we recommend that you at least learn how to hem your clothes.

Unique Ways You Can Repurpose Your Old Towels

First, one of the practical ways of using your old towels is making cleaning rags out of them. It is easy to cut up your towels and it needs no sewing skills to make one. Second, you can cut it into the shape of your mop head. It just takes a little bit of securing and makes efficient mop heads.

Finally, with a bit of sewing skills you can make ironing board covers or some baby bibs out of your old towels. They don’t take much effort while at the same time producing many baby bibs! These are great ways to cut expenses.

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I do cut up old tshirts/hoodies/jeans/whatever and give them to the maintenance guys here. I also donate old towels to the local animal shelter. They can surely use them! I tie them around little kid’s necks and then let them paint away…there’s SO much you can do!

Donna Mac December 27, 2022

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