How to Wash Turkish Towels?

Whether it is a cloth or a towel, it requires a remarkable effort to wash Turkish towels. Turkish towels also require different techniques and are different from other towels. There are some do’s and don’ts for Turkish towels you had better take into consideration. They are already absorbent but you can take this to the maximum level.

  • Wash your towels with clothes similar in color. This will help them conserve their color. Because the color is also important like absorbency and it preserves your decoration and the aesthetic of your bathroom.
  • Don’t expose them to high degrees when drying. This will wear out the product.
  • Vinegar is a miracle. If you add some vinegar to wash, it will soften them and clear any residue or microbes. Once a month is enough. This means never use softener, which will wear it out.
  • Don’t use bleach because any residue of bleach may harm your skin, face or hands and wear out the towel. Bleach is highly toxic and it continues to release fume and of course this is harmful for your health.

How to Dry Turkish Towels?

What comes after washing is drying. To maintain the softness and absorptance, you should pay attention to drying after washing. You can air dry it for some time or you can machine dry it on low or medium degree. Because high degrees can wear out the product and this results in a point of no return. An article about drying your Turkish towels will be published. You can get informed about drying on that page and make sure there is no question in your mind.

You can also use comment section to ask us about anything you feel unclear on how to wash Turkish towels.


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You recommend leaving the towels in cold water for 12 hours? Can you do this soak in the washing machine, then run them thru the delicate cycle?
After, hang to dry?? Do you do this for all of your new towels? Thanks.

Gail Eigenbrode March 02, 2023

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