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Turkish towels are one of those towels that are world-wide popular. Usually, they are known by their absorptance. However; some people prefer them for their durability. Actually, they are higher in quality than many towels in many aspects. If you don’t agree, you can contact us. These towels are varied in themselves as well. It is not waistcloth that we discuss in this article. Waistcloth is a type of Turkish towel used in Turkish baths. We mention bath towels here. You can view the products we mention here on the page Turkish Bath Towel Set.


40x80 Oversized Bath Sheet Bath Towel


Turkish bath towels are the only towel type that have a characteristic of fast drying beside high absorbing capacity. Of course, it will vary according to the material used in its production. %100 cotton is used Turkish towels to provide you with these features. We, American Soft Linen, give great importance to the color we use.

OEKO-TEX Certificate: Our towels produced from 100% cotton, exclusively produced from material certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. Our products meet the human-ecological requirements of the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. It will create no problem for your health.

Things You Should Know About Turkish Towels

There are some important details to be known about use and maintenance of Turkish towels. Let’s start by sharing the most important one. Washing before using these products will give you a better experience. Because this is the best possible way to reach the maximum softness and absorptance. But we never suggest you wash them together with clothes. Because you may experience a decrease in softness in that kind of use.


Bath Towel Set 4 Piece towels


Secondarily, we will discuss drying. We have realized that there is an “infollution” about how to dry these products. People usually say that you shouldn’t use clothes dryer. That is absolutely wrong. You can dry Turkish towels by using the clothes dryer in low degrees. Because they dry very quickly, you will dry these towels without any problem. But if they are exposed to high degrees of heat, you may experience decrease in the feature of absorptance.

Another thing to care about concerns the people that often have a bath. So, if you are one of those who bath frequently, we recommend you have at least 2 sets of personal towels. By changing those two sets of towels every other day, you can reduce the abrasion to the minimum level even in long term use. If you have something in your mind apart from these, you can ask us by using the comment section.

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