How to Wash Colored Towels?

Washing a towel, especially a colored one requires some effort. There are some things to take into consideration. In this article, we discuss how to wash a colored #towel and what to use or what not to use when washing these products. Here is the list of things to consider before taking an action:

  • When you buy a new towel, always wash before use. To concretize the color of your towel, wash it with similar colored clothes at warm water.
  • Use enough detergent. Don’t exceed the recommended amount of detergent. In addition to detergent, you can use vinegar to clear any residue from detergent or dirt.
  • Even though the towels are often wet and dried after use, you should wash them regularly. Washing every two or three days is okay.
  • Do not use bleach unless it is needed. Bleach can discolor your towels if it is not color-safe.
  • For white #towels, you can use non-chlorine bleach if needed. And of course, always wash white ones separately from the others or with white clothes.
  • Use fabric softener carefully and do not use it on every wash as it may leave some residue on your towel which then reduces the towels’ absorbency and create odor.
  • Shaking after taking them out of the washing machine is a great way to regain the softness and fluffiness of the loops. This will also decrease the time to dry them.


    How to Wash Colored Towels?

    Which Colors are the Best?

    We can categorize the colors under two different headings, the ones that are eye-catching and the ones that are decorous. It means that if you want your towels to be attractive, then you may have a red, lime green or orange towel.

    But sometimes you may feel your towels should be staying there without getting any attention.

    Which is your choice? Let us know below.

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