Bath Towel vs. Bath Sheet

You see some towels under different names. For example, wash cloths, hand towel, bath towels and bath sheets. The differences in aim of use and size are the ones that distinguish them from each other. There is an alternative to bath towels, bath sheets. They are bigger and larger than the other one.

Bath towels are usually 27x54 inches and they are easily folded and hung to air dry itself. They are the ones you may be searching for if you need something to dry yourself off after a shower quickly and they are not luxurious experience. Bath towels are also a part of a towel set generally. They come with a set and they match in color and texture with the other towels, wash cloths and hand towels for example. If you want to save some time while searching for a separate towel for bath, we suggest you get a towel set containing all the towels required for a bathroom.

Bath sheets are different from the others. They may be a luxurious experience for some people and some even find them extra big because of the dimensions. They are equivalent in absorbency to the other towels but they differ in aim of usage. You can use them after taking a bath and wrap them around your waist while at the same time lounging or doing your job thanks to their size.

They measure 35x70 inches Jumbo Bath Sheet and 40x80 inches Oversized Bath Sheetthey easily wrap you around your waist while the other one can wrap your hair. They are not usable in wrapping your hair as they are heavier and larger. You can prefer bath sheets if you don’t want to buy two bath towels at the same time as they provide you with the same service.

Which to Choose?

It changes from person to person when it comes to towels. 

Bath towels are cheaper, come with a set matching between each other and can easily be folded and put on a shelf. 

Bath sheets are larger, provide you with the same job of two bath towels, perfect for wrapping your waist but not suitable for hanging on every towel bar. It is your choice to buy one of them, or buy two at the same time. Let us know your choice in the comment section.


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