Bath Towel Terms to Know

 There are some terms that you may not know their meanings when you encounter after buying a new stuff to your home and that applies to your new bath towel. Imagine you have bought a new towel and it says combed cotton on it, what does it mean? Here are some basic words for towels, go on reading and learn them.

Turkish Cotton Towel Set

  • Combed cotton means that the cotton is actually combed to remove any residues of short cotton fibers and that results in longer and stronger cotton fibers. Its opposite is ring spun cotton.
  • Ring spun cotton is the process while making towel and it means using short and long fibers at the same time and twisting them together to create an end fiber. This cotton type is smoother than the others and has a better feel.
  • Sometimes towels have protruded fibers and these fibers are cut to enhance the look of the towels. These towels are called sheared towels and they have a velour feeling and a nice element for decoration.
  • Dobby is a small geometric pattern woven into the towels and it is decorative.
  • Jacquard is woven into the fabric by special looms and that result in intricate designs, a nice and ideal for decoration if you don’t want something ordinary.
  • Twisting is a process in making a towel and the fibers or yarns are twisted to make it stronger but luxurious towels don’t have twisted fibers and they are low twist or zero twist usually.

35x70 Bath Sheet JumboTowel


Turkish Towel Terms

Our Turkish Towels are zero twist which makes them more natural. As they are double stitched, they are strong on the edges. They are made of ring spun cotton and contains all the cotton fibers. They don’t have patterns on them and they are plain, which makes them a great opportunity if you hang them on a bar, they will create a nice big plain pattern on your wall.

If you want to have a nice genuine ring spun Turkish cotton towel, you can have a look our product. Enjoy your towels and have a nice day.

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