Your Towels May Be Dirtier Than You Think

Towels may get dirtier sometimes due to the fact that they soak up a lot of water and a great amount of microbes. They can spread some diseases if they are not cleaned well. But don’t be so desperate, there are some ways to avoid all these and we have an article about that.

Experts say that there is no way to get rid of all the germs on a towel but there are some ways to free your towels from some of them and that includes washing with bleach or vinegar as we talked before.

This results because of the fact that every time you dry or clean your hands on a towel, you pass the germs on your hands and face to the towel and those germs stay there until washing. Most of those germs do not harm any other person as people are accustomed to live in a world with a great variety of microbes.

Towels are great places for the microbes to live on because they are damp and absorbent. As long as they stay wet or damp, they will keep the microbes alive on them. Some people have some infectious and dangerous bacteria on them but they don’t get affected by it. But actually, if they pass that bacteria to another person through towels or something, that person may be ill afterwards.

Cleaning Your Towels

It is not so possible to get sick by just touching a towel nevertheless it is better to keep them dry and clean. To do that, always hang your towels on a bar or something to air dry itself. Use a place where there is air circulation.

Secondly, wash your towels very often thus this will eliminate the risk of getting ill. Add color-safe bleach or vinegar to your washing cycle and be safe from all those germs. Enjoy your towels.

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