How to Keep Your White Towels White

Some people say that white towels are not preferable and they are hard to keep white. Thus, they easily get grey or beige and this creates an unpleasant look. But there are some methods to keep your white towels white or turn them to white again. 

First of all, washing your white towels with white things is very important and washing your white towels with white towels is even more important. Because, colored clothes can damage your white towels and make them grayish or beige. 

Whatever you buy from store, check the label first and this applies for towels too. If it says wash your towels at 30°C, then you should not exceed that maximum degree. Towel producers test-wash towels at some degrees and then find the most suitable degree. 

The amount of detergent you use while washing is very important as excessive detergent can cause decrease in absorbency. The residue of excessive detergent can stay there after washing and prevent your towels to absorb and they get hard. 

Using bleach is a great idea on white towels as they don’t have any color and will not discolor. You can use bleach on a white towel but there is an alternative to bleach and it is vinegar. Vinegar is a green alternative to bleach and it is your decision to choose between the two. 

Lastly, always fluff your towel or shake it before hanging it up or putting it into the tumble drier. This will make some loosen thread fall and make your towels look fluffier and thicker. 

How to Keep Your Colored Towels Colored 

Colored towels require a little more effort than white towels because they have some nice colors and you don’t want to discolor them. So, in order not to discolor them, do not use bleach, or at least use color-safe bleach. This way you can keep your towels’ color and you can also use vinegar for your colored towels. Vinegar is not something to damage your towels or clothes. 

One last thing to remember, do not wash your colored towels with white towels and wash similar colors together. Finally, wash your towels with the other towels and you will have no problem with the colors or the other things. Have a nice day. 

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